You learned me how to love myself again and changed my opinion about a lot of things. A simple thank you is not nearly enough, but I'm so damn thankful I found you.

Your simple “thank you” means more than you know to me. I am a lucky person if I changed your life for better. Keep going, make it big. :) :)

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Hi, My name is V. Feel free to ask whatever you want as long as it's not offensive or rude in any way.

Important: I ship Louis and Harry entirely as a couple. If you disagree, just leave my blog. Walk it away. Don't waste your time bashing me with hateful messages. I will probably ignore them or delete them. Sending them won't definitely change my mind so it'a just a waste of time and space.

And to all Larry shippers who follow me or who wants to share their joy for Larry, message me whenever you want, I always like to read things related to both of my boys. :)

PLEASE READ: I'm not in any way expert for human behavior, I do not study psychology, therefore I can't really help you the way you want me to. I'm writing this so you consider that any advice I may give you, it's not gonna be something you should strictly follow. Main reason I can't help you much, is that I don't know you or that somebody in person. That makes it extremely difficult for me. My first advice before you ask me anything like this, is that you consider talking to somebody with experience and knowledge. They can help you much more, I'm sure. And to anybody that deals with this issues (depression, sadness, anxiety), It's ok to feel like that sometimes. It's nothing unusual. But what you must keep in mind: NEVER LET IT CONTROL YOU LIFE. You are one of a kind, you have one life, use it good, use it well. There's so much more to just four walls of your safe space.
If the world you live in makes you sad and uncomfortable, create your own. Use your mind, expand the horizons, never look back. You are much more stronger than you think. You're a warrior. So FIGHT.